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Housewarming gifts should be sent

Friends housewarming, send what should I? 

Couplet, he painted--a grand, increase the festive atmosphere  

Mirror screens, calligraphy and painting – a solemn and elegant gift  

He Shi-the traditional way of congratulations, now rarely send He Shi  

Clock – was very popular to send gifts at a time, but now it is rarely used to send  

Fish tank-the elegance of the traditional gift, but the Organization should be matched with related items  

Antique vase – can serve as a new home furnishings  

A fresco--this gift is more suitable for large Home  

Small furniture or bedding-the move to send more gift  


Flower pot--selected to clean indoor harmful gas plants such as cactus  

Pottery, porcelain-can become new home furnishings  

Scrolls-the framed hanging in his study or living room, show homeowners there are books of  

Wall lamp--selected the appearance of fine, soft colors lighting  

Appearance of the new house photos--into a beautiful frame, give new home owner  

Wine rack--subconsciously gather some exquisite wine bottle display  

Bartending supplies, filter Bowl and spoons – convenient for families, such as wine  

Decorative phones--classical-style phone, can be placed in the room or in the living room, can highlight the charm of master  

Apartment sign--posted on a house outside of housing can also be inserted on the lawns, indicates the orientation of your home  

Door numbers – it can add some classical patterns, very refined, elegant taste master  

Hanging pot rack--on the wall to save space for the kitchen  

Spice or flower pot-for on the kitchen window sill  

Rabbits and other trinkets-but to decorate your garden  

Potted plants – on the window-sill shelf Decorating Home  

Rocking chairs-the family leisure purposes can be placed on a balcony in  

Wooden perpetual calendar--the living room or study and practical decorations  

Medical encyclopedia or books--such as housework tips your home life and healthy life guide  
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